Qwarzo® is a natural technology that empowers the substrate’s performance.

Adding Qwarzo®, means adding strength.

Qwarzo® technology combines innovation, natural elements and 40 years of experience and tradition. Products treated with Qwarzo® remain unaltered with respect to their original characteristics, but acquire a significantly higher level of performance.

Heat resistance

Qwarzo® allows materials to resist heat and cold.

Oxygen and steam barrier

Qwarzo® insulates the substrate by creating a protective layer against external agents.

Chemical resistance

With Qwarzo® materials are resistant to solvents with both high and low pHs.

Water resistance

By applying Qwarzo®, the substrate remains unaffected when in contact with water.

Oil resistance

Oil doesn't negatively affect materials treated with Qwarzo®.

Qwarzo® quality

A treatment that respects the material

Qwarzo® can be applied to many types of materials and products without damaging or altering them. A natural and sustainable solution, as certified by some of the world's leading authorities.

Plastic polymers free

Made from elements that commonly exist in nature

Tasteless, odorless and invisible

You don’t notice it, but you know it’s there

Flexible and printable

Qwarzo® molds itself to the substrate


Packaging, single-use products and more

Qwarzo® technology is extremely versatile and can be used, not only in food industry, but in all areas of production that require an environmentally-friendly and effective solution.

There are no limits
to its application

  • straws
  • ice cream spoons
  • coffee stirrers
  • plates
  • glasses

And many more...

  • take-away containers
  • shopping bags
  • bottles and caps
With Qwarzo®, everything you can imagine has a sustainable future


“We immediately adopted the Qwarzo® philosophy of sustainability, considering it a great opportunity, not only for the growth of our business, but an effective solution for environmental protection.”

Daniele Simonazzi
Flo, CEO

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