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Qwarzo® is a mineral-based coating that enhances the performance of materials.



Our plastic- and PFAS-free coating is completely odourless, tasteless and invisible.

With its exceptional properties and adaptability to various processes, Qwarzo® can be seamlessly applied across a wide range of industries, from food production to sustainable packaging solutions.

Its versatility and the ability to be printable make it ideal for multiple applications in food, sustainable packaging and beyond.

Add Qwarzo®,
new horizons.

Qwarzo®️, silica-based, is a plastic- and pfas-free sustainable alternative to coat paper and enhance its properties.

Heat resistance

Qwarzo® imparts materials with strong resistance to cold and heat.

Water resistance

The coated material maintains its integrity even when exposed to water, with the help of Qwarzo®.

Oxygen and vapor Barrier

Qwarzo® isolates the substrate, creating a protective layer against external agents.

Grease resistance

Qwarzo® resists grease and oily materials.

Chemical resistance

Coated materials exhibit resistance to acids, bases, and solvents, thanks to Qwarzo®.

The Quality of Qwarzo®

A material-respecting solution

Qwarzo® can be applied to a range of elements and products, integrating seamlessly with the raw material. A sustainable solution to respect nature.

Packaging, disposable products and more

Qwarzo® technology is extremely multipurpose and can apply not just in the food industry, yet in all manufacturing sectors looking for an eco-friendly and effective solution.

The applications of Qwarzo® can be endless

Food and drinking Packaging

Pharma and cosmetic




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