Who we are

We’re reinventing a vision for the future through high-performing and sustainable technology

Our mission

Our goal is to make sustainability a concrete, tangible and enduring value

Through a revolutionary technology that respects the supply chain and principles of the circular economy.

Our values,
our guiding light

The fundamentals that accompany us each and every day
and have charted our path from the very beginning.


Saving the Planet is what we care about the most.

Qwarzo® was born from the goal of maintaining a high level of technical performance while respecting the earth. Today, this goal has become a reality.


Our economic model is inspired by nature.

Recycle, re-use, no waste: The way in which nature maintains balance for self-subsistence is the same way we promote a tried-and-true circular economy.


Q as in Qwarzo®,
Q as in quality.

Our patented technology provides extraordinary properties to the substrate to which it’s applied. Beyond the standard, beyond the imaginable.


Not just efficiency, but guaranteed safety.

Qwarzo® is a natural treatment that does not alter the taste, sight, smell or feel of the Qwarzo substrate’s properties. As such, it’s in 100% compliance with the food sector.


An innovative project born from research

Qwarzo® is a patented technology that’s 100% “Made in Italy”, resulting from extensive research in the areas of chemistry and physics.

Innovation is a tool for achieving sustainability which must be pursued in each small everyday gesture. We all need to be responsible and innovative regarding our choices and ways of being.

Luca Panzeri
Inventor of Qwarzo® technology


Qwarzo® sustainability
is a recognized value

Qwarzo® wins the Ocean Plastic Challenge

Qwarzo® was awarded the prestigious "First Place Award in the Design Track for the Ocean Plastic Innovation" by National Geographic and Sky Ventures.

Qwarzo® is committed to Sustainable Development

Since 2020 he is the first signatory of the United Nations Decade Manifesto of Marine Sciences for Sustainable Development [2021-2030], organized by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

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